„What we nurture in ourselves will grow-
that is nature's eternal law.“

(J.W. von Goethe)


Traveling and living abroad has greatly influenced my life.
Especially studying psychology at the University of Baltimore had a great affect on my view of people and the world. After 7 years in the US and half a year in Moscow, I settled back in Vienna in 2002. For five years I was part of an international project regarding solar systems in Iran.

My experience working with people of different cultures has shown me, that there is something very unique in each and every one of us.
It is exactly this unique potential that needs to be discovered and developed. This realization took me back to my true passion – the love for psychology.

A lot of people have given me great input that enabled
me to change my perspective on difficult situations and,
ultimately, on my life. I am speaking here of moments
when some pieces of the big puzzle simply fell in place
and widened my perspective. These experiences made
my life very rich, and I am very grateful for it.


Entwicklungsraum is a place where you find peace, strength and get to know your potentials. It is basically a place that lays deep within us and provides the necessary conditions to help us advance our personal development. Through Entwicklungsraum Coaching you will get to know this place better and use it more effectively. This leads you to a relaxed and happy way of living.

Entwicklungsraum Coaching guides you in taking the necessary steps from your problem-oriented self toward your relaxed and confident self. Body and mind are helpful supporters on this path. Entwicklungsraum Coaching employs methods where solutions come easily. By doing so, solutions are internalised and become a
part of daily life. Establishing a set of good associations for
your-self will lead to new and improved problem solving
skills. This will help you in any difficult situations in the

Entwicklungsraum Coaching supports you in making
conscious decisions, thus opening pathways to a
fulfilled and satisfied life.
A clear mind and a
relaxed body guide you towards your own resources.
By exploring your inner and outer environment,
you will find clarity and orientation. This focused
yet relaxed approach paves the way for a
constructive course of actions that can be easily
transferred into everyday life.

Entwicklungsraum Coaching delivers –
experience its effect in your life too.

Topics for coaching can be related to
work or personal life.


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Eva Maria Riess, MA

Hermanngasse 30
1070 Wien
Tel: 0699 19 085 369

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Eva Maria Riess, MA

Zentrum Heureka
Hermanngasse 30
1070 Wien
0699 19 085 369

You decide when and how often you would like coaching sessions. The number of coaching sessions vary. Some people only want to set an impulse and one appointment might be enough. Others prefer regular sessions in order to permanently alter stressful or dissatisfactory situations.

Coaching / expat Coaching
€ 90,-
Body Work(~ 45 min) :
€ 40,-

For appointments please send an email to or call 0699 19 085 369.



work related:
  • professional re-orientation
  • transition periods (parental leave, re-entry, career jumps, lay-off, resignation)
  • discontent
  • making difficult decisions
  • burn out
  • motivation, performance, goals
  • stress management
  • conflicts and crisis situations with colleagues, employees or superiors
personal related:
  • work – life balance
  • family/partnership conflicts
  • burnout
  • self-esteem
  • transition periods
  • heart-aches
  • grief
  • crises
  • decision making
Many of the topics may overlap.



Eva Maria Riess, born in 1974 in Mödling, Lower Austria
1 son (born in 2004)

1994 - 2001
AACC & UB, Maryland: Cognitive and Humanistic Psychology
2003- 2005
Danube University Krems, Austria, Intercultural Competences
2010 - 2011
ASO Academy for Systemic Coaching, Vienna,
systemic job coach

Work Experience:
1999 – 2000
Intern at the Hoffberger Center for Ethics, UB
2000 – 2001
Peer Counselor for undergraduate Students
2002 – 2003
Dr. Riess Apartments
international guest reservations
2005 - 2010
ACE Group Wien,
project coordination for solar systems in Iran

Further training:
2009 - 2011:
The Heart Project
with Burkhardt Kiegeland

Since november 2012:
The Tree of Life, shamanic training
with Daan van Kampenhout


method:The coaching process is solution-oriented and integrates the principles of systemic coaching. It includes the following steps:




Viele Potentiale schlummern in uns und warten darauf ent-deckt und ent-wickelt zu werden. Wenn wir anfangen uns selbst zu begreifen und uns freundlich zu begegnen, treten unsere Potentiale ans Licht.

In diesem 5-Wochenblock geht es darum, die Verbindung zu jenem Ort herzustellen, in dem diese Potentiale schlummern und sie mit einfachen Übungen in unseren Alltag einzubringen.

Termine: Freitag 22.03.2013
Zeit: 16 h – 19.15 h
Ort: Zentrum Heureka
Hermanngasse 30
1070 Wien
Kosten: € 95,- (Workshop + 1 Einzelcoaching)
0699/19 0 85 369
begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl


Tabuthema – Schwangerschaftsabbruch.
Was zurückbleibt ist die Seele.

Was wäre wenn ...?

Die Beratung einer ungewollten Schwangerschaft endet oftmals in der Klinik, in der sie abgebrochen wird. Manche Frauen fühlen einfach nur Erleichterung „danach“. Bei anderen Frauen bleibt ein Stück Seele zurück, das sich über Jahre als innere Stimme immer wieder meldet.

Wo ist mein Platz?
Raum für den Austausch der Erfahrung und Verständnis für die Emotionen wie Schmerz, Wut, Trauer, Scham, Schuld fehlen
völlig. Schließlich hat sich Frau dafür entschlossen und wenn
sie „es“ nicht bekommen hat und damit nicht fertig wird,
dann ist das ihr Bier.

Wird das abgetriebene Kind rückblickend in die
Lebensgeschichte der Frau eingebettet, so findet die
Entscheidung ihren Platz und es verstummen die
quälenden Stimmen wie „was, wäre wenn“,
„Ich fühle mich schuldig“ uvm.

Austausch und Aufarbeitung;
weitere Termine auf Anfrage.
Zeit: 9 h – 18 h
Kosten: € 100,- inkl. Verpflegung
Ort: Zentrum Heureka
Hermanngasse 30
1070 Wien
0699/19 0 85 369
max 6 - 8 Teilnehmerinnen


I dedicate my full attention to people and their efforts to strive towards a happy and content life. What is it that moves, touches or worries you? What is hard for you to deal with and what do you handle with ease? Each of us has his/her own way of seeking happiness. It is fascinating to see what individual approaches we all take to find happiness and why we sometimes fail in our attempts.

Brain research studies have proven what many of us have known for a long time: body and mind interact inseparably. The decision as to whether a situation is perceived as burdening or not is made in the frontal lobe of the brain. Here emotions are consciously perceived and can be analyzed and experienced in the body. We hence
may choose which issues to focus on. Most importantly, we
have a choice and we can consciously decide what gives
meaning to our world and our lives.

The pursuit of happiness and satisfaction is deeply
rooted in all human beings.
A happy and satisfied life -
isn't that what we all dream of? We are equipped with
the adequate tools that enable us to lead a fulfilled
life - our body, our mind and our emotions.
Do you we consciously use them?

The development of potentials is the central
focus in Entwicklungsraum coaching.
This holistic
approach is based on the principles of
salutogenesis and system theory. It enables
your personal, deeply rooted knowledge to
permanently find expression in your life.
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